10 Best of best notebook under 20000 in India

Do you have Rs.20000 in your hand (Or probably this budget) and you are in search of a laptop NOT best in a long boring list of top 10 BUT a laptop that suits you,That fulfill your needs? 

Your search seems to be ending soon.

I’m going to help you in choosing best notebook under 20000 that fits your need.

But before we get started, let me tell you some things to keep in mind before choosing best laptop under 20000.​

Things to keep in mind before buying the best notebook under 20000

Ok before we start let me tell you what is the difference between a laptop and a notebook.

No difference these days.Because all the laptops being sold these days are notebooks.

Back in a decade,Laptop used to be heavy, Using the same processors desktop PCs using and Because of these processors exhausting a lot of heat through the fan that can even keep your warm in winter.

But as per its nature, the technology changed.Now there was new kind of laptops which were lighter in weight and less exhaust of heat.But I must mention, Those old processors were rock solid in performance.

So this new era of laptops called notebooks and from that time we never looked back to those “laptops”.

But we still using the name laptop instead of notebooks.That’s ok.That’s our heritage.

There is something that I’m not going to talk about in this post or may be in every post on this blog.

I’m neither going to write about only specification nor a deep complex technical review of every laptop that a normal person never understands.

My soul purpose is to read and understand about the laptops I’m going to list and writing about it in a way that helps you in choosing the right and best laptop for you.

Now let’s talk about some things that we should keep in mind before buying a notebook under 20000.

  • 1.We are looking for a laptop under 20k.That means we will have basic features in this laptop.

    If you are willing for a laptop with i7 processor,8 GB RAM, and high-quality gaming graphic card under this budget,I think you should quit this post.

    But if you understand that you are here for a good decent laptop with not heavy but normal clean performance, keep reading.

  • 2.Before creating this post I went through specifications of lot’s of laptops under 20000 and comparisons of similar laptops and then I made a list of 15 laptops.

    And after that, I made this list of 10 laptops.Now you will be wondering why I am telling you all this?

    Because this post is cream.

    I have chosen every laptop with keeping in mind that it’s around average 4-star rating by at least some buyers on amazon (As I prefer 4-star rating as good rating because I think it’s a true average rating.)

    You don’t need to go and search those hundred laptops again and ending up confused.Just take cherry out of the cream.

Buy a laptop that you need,which is best for you.Not the best laptop in someone else’s view.Take advice and choose your best one.


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Shall we start?

Ok, here we go.

#10.RDP ThinBook - 14.1 inches Laptop

Well, that’s a good notebook to start from the bottom of this list.

This notebook has average specifications but telling you the truth it impressed me if budget is in a range of 10k-12k.

Good design, 14.1 Inch screen, Intel atom quad core (Up to 1.8 GHz) processor and 2 GB of RAM.

What else do you need in this price range?

RDP ThinBook - best notebook under 20000

 iBall Excelance CompBook  comes in 11.6 inches with similar specifications.

But RDP ThinBook looks more promising.

Have a look at the product video..​.

If you have this range of budget, I suggest you, go for RDP ThinBook.

iBall Excelance CompBook can be a good 2nd option too.

#9.Micromax Canvas Laptab II LT777

You know this brand.They came up with great mobile phones during a time in India.

Now they have their notebooks in the market too.

Now the first thing that attracts us in this notebook is that it consists of both rear and front camera.So you can switch the camera to your family sitting on the back side of the screen when video calling your relatives and switch back to yourself as well.

Isn’t it cool?

Micromax canvas laptab 2 LT777 - best notebook under 20000

LT777 is powered with Intel atom Quad core 1.83 GHz of processor plus it is touch screen laptop.However, I don’t think you are going to get a smooth touch in this price range.

Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 comes with similar features but there is no SIM connectivity slot like LT777.Yes, LT777 is SIM card supported.

The only drawback LT777 have is there is no headphone jack in it. With similar specifications, Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 comes with a headphone jack but the battery is average.

So from my suggestion If you are not much concerned about headphone jack,Go for Micromax Canvas Laptab II LT777 in this range and if the average battery is not a problem , Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 is also a good option.

#8. Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11IBY 11.6-inch Laptop

To be frank I’m design obsessed guy.I also look for good designs (Without compromising with quality) in my devices.

This laptop impressed me in just one view.Look at the blue and red color variants.That’s so cool.Plus the keyboard has got big buttons and decent design that makes this laptop cool on both the sides.

Lenovo Ideapad 100s-11IBY blue - best notebook under 20000
Lenovo Ideapad 100s-11IBY Red - best notebook under 20000

It's light weight.1 Kg weight is way lighter if you are choosing a laptop.

Talking about key features, It has 1.83 GHz atom processor which is fair for basic purposes.2 GB of RAM which is enough for 1.83 GHz processor.

The only thing I think that they could have improved in it is available space.

Lenovo Ideapad 100s-11IBY silver - best notebook under 20000

Lenovo added 32 GB of internal storage in this laptop and it can be increased further to 64 GB.

BUT this laptop has got great performance in it.See what Jon L. Jacobi said in an article on PCWorld about it -

What’s nice about the IdeaPad 100S-11 is just about everything on the outside, and aside from the storage, everything on the inside.

Jon L. Jacobi
Freelance Contributor,TechHive 

If you have fewer files to store on your laptop or you think you have other places to store your files and you want high performance from your laptop, Go for this laptop and thank me later.

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#7. Acer One 10 S1002-15XR

Acer One 10 S10002-15XR is Intel atom integrated 1.33 GHz processor (up to 1.88 GHz) detachable 2 in 1 laptop with 2 GB of RAM.

Now, what 2 in 1 detachable laptop is that you can either detach the screen from the base and use it as touch screen tablet or you can use it as a whole laptop.

Acer one 10 S1002-15XR - best notebook under 20000

Now there are two variants in this model of Acer.

One which comes with only 32 GB storage which will be total storage either if you use it as a tablet or as the whole laptop.

Another variant Acer One 10 S10002-15XR (500GB+32GB) comes with 32 GB storage which will be internal storage when you use it as the tablet and 500 GB hard disk storage in the base i.e portion under the keyboard of the laptop when you use it as a whole laptop.That will be 32+500 GB as whole.

But there is a price difference in both the variants.Which is obvious.

As The Acer One 10 S1002-15XR is a 2 in 1 laptop, it is a touch screen laptop.

The screen touch quality is average as I have mentioned before that you may not expect great screen touch in a notebook under 20000.

However, the screen resolution looks promising in this range.

So if you like to have a cool 2 in 1 laptop in this range.This is your laptop.

#6. HP Pavilion S003TU 11.6-inch Laptop

When I was in college, most of my friends used to have a laptop from HP Pavilion.

This brand widely spread in students in India during this brand’s initial days and later I understood the reason why most of them had HP Pavilion laptops.

The storage.

Nearly all HP Pavilion laptops for a price range of 15k+ come with a minimum storage of 500 GB.

HP Pavilion S003TU also comes with 500GB of space and 2 GB of RAM.This laptop is powered with 1.6 GHz Celeron dual core processor that can boost itself up to 2.16 GHz when your laptop needs it.

HP Pavilion S003TU - best notebook under 20000

One thing that I can assure you is an HP laptop powered with Intel processor is something that you can trust for sure.

This laptop looks like a good option for college students.

Plus it got 500 GB of storage , for college students to store their movies, projects and all kind of media on it.

Also, it has got an anti-glare screen to save your eyes vision from laptop screen glare effect.

We can say this laptop is the best notebook under 20000 for a college student if he/she have a budget of 16k-17k .

#5.Asus E202SA-FD0012T

The brand Asus is coming up with lots of decent laptops these days.

Their laptops are so well designed that impress you in just one look. And that’s what Asus E202SA-FD0012T follows.

Asus E202SA-FD0012T has great color variants and you will love the blue and red variants so much.

Asus E202SA-FD0012T- best notebook under 20000

Plus the whole design is charming.The white variant has a great color scheme of black screen and white keyboard that makes it look sober as well as cool too.

The overall design is something which makes it stand out in the category.

Asus E202SA-FD0012T white - best notebook under 20000

In addition of that, It also got something different is that the touchpad on this laptop is as wide as an iPhone (not iPhone 6 for sure) screen.Which makes it easy to use while looking at the screen.

With good design and wide touchpad, Asus E202SA-FD0012T has also got features you need in it.

Powered by 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor which boosts up to 2.16 GHz, It has got 2 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk storage.Just don’t put too heavy work on it.

So if you are looking for well designed, unique laptop in this price range, I recommend you Asus E202SA-FD0012T.

#4.Asus A553SA-XX049D

Ok, let me tell you one of my experiences with laptops in few lines.

I have a laptop.That works well.Till now I have not faced any major long lasting problem in this laptop.

​It turned out to be best laptop during my engineering.

And do you know when I bought it?

7 years back.

Yes.7 Years back.

And what processor does it work on?

Intel Pentium processor.

You are looking for the best laptop under 20000 and in this range, in comparison to Atom and Celeron, Pentium is the latest and most efficient processor category you can have from Intel.

And I’m not only saying this on the basis of my laptop experience but also the on the basis of conclusion I reached when I researched a little bit about processor categories.

Asus A553SA-XX049D is powered by Intel Pentium processor of 1.6 GHz that boosts itself when needed; up to 2.4 GHz which I think will give you smoother and faster performance for sure.

Asus A553SA-XX049D- best notebook under 20000

If we talk about the laptop design, Asus A553SA-XX049D has got a simple average design.

So if you want your daily laptop work to be smooth and also you want this smoothness to last long for years, you must go for this laptop.

#3.HP 245 G5 Notebook

Are you willing for a laptop with the expectation of having some heavy work on a regular basis like basic video editing or running quality games like FIFA 2014 (I like this game)?

Then the laptop name in heading above is something you need.

HP 245 G5 notebook is a power pack of 2 GHz (With an Auto-boost,2.4 GHz) of AMD quad-core A6 processor , 4 GB of RAM and Radeon R4 Graphics Card.

HP 245 G5 - best notebook under 20000

Now if you are like “Hey I don’t know about AMD processors much.”, let me tell you AMD processors are the one giving a tough competition to Intel processor in the market right now.

Plus integration of Radeon R4 processor gives your laptop smoother graphic performance as well.

You have got 14 inches of big screen in it.It is going to enhance your experience while performing any task or playing games with your friends.

So there you go.If you are a gaming geek or want to run little heavy software on regular basis or you are a youtuber and running on a low budget, this is the laptop HP has made for you.

#2. Acer Aspire ES1-521 (NX.G2KSI.024)

Acer Aspire ES1-521 (NX.G2KSI.024) is going to make a change in this sequence that you are going to love.This is also the reason why Acer Aspire ES1-521 (NX.G2KSI.024) grabbing the second position on my best laptop under 20000 list.

The giant hard disk space of 1 TB.

In laptop range of 20k where we started with some laptops having 32 GB space,Here we have Acer Aspire ES1-521 (NX.G2KSI.024) if you were looking for more than more space.

Talking about the specifications, you are going to get 4 GB of DDR4 RAM.

Your Chrome browser is going to love it. 😉

Acer Aspire ES1-521(NX.G2KSI.024)- best notebook under 20000

Now you will be like “Hey what’s this DDR4 RAM?”

Let me tell you without complicating it that DDR4 RAM is way faster than DDR3 RAM. 

You are going to have AMD APU A1 1.8 GHz processor to power this laptop.The processor is average.

Like the giant space, it has 15.6 inches of full screen.

The laptop is little overweight with a weight of 3.2 Kg.But if you are looking for great space of 1 TB , I don’t think these things matter much for you.

The No. 1 position is locked.It just needs a facebook like or a Google +1 from you to unlock it.Press any of them to see which laptop holds No.1 position.


Well, I don’t have much to say in conclusion because I'm not going to ask you for a laptop that fits best in my view as best notebook under 20000.

I have talked about few best budget laptops in India under 20000. Listed No. 1 HP 15-BE002TU can be the best choice if you are not willing to anything specific and if you want anything specific, I have listed 9 other laptops... The choice is all yours.

Thank you for reading this post.I will be happy if I helped you in buying laptop.

Do comment your views and share us to make us reach to one who needs our help.

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