3 Perfect Best Laptop For Engineering Students In India


I will love to write this post.

I am an engineer and I know what we need when it comes to laptops.

It's one of our basic needs.

You know what I mean.

So what do we are waiting for?

Let’s start the search for the best laptop for engineering students in India.

What kind of laptop is best for an engineer in India?

Being an engineer, I know what our expectations are from a laptop in India especially.

You will agree with me on these points-

#1.Engineers are gamers

We love gaming.

Those endless hours of the counter strike when we are in a group or being a weapon of mass destruction when playing GTA all alone, we need gaming for sure.

And for good gaming, we need a good graphic card into our laptops.

So when I was choosing the laptops to list for you guys, I preferred laptops that have a good graphic card with suitable RAM.

So Gaming...checked.

#2.We also want to run software like CAD, CAM and Lot’s more.

If we are buying a laptop during our engineering, We want that laptop to fulfill our entertainment and educational needs.

And this called smart choice.

I also kept this in mind while I was choosing best laptop for you guys.

The laptops I’m going to list will have faster processors and what I have already told you guys, good graphic card too, to make run these software.

Also, these specifications will be useful if you are interested in photoshop or interested in making videos for your youtube channel.

The workflow for these software will be not that smooth under 30k-40k range laptops.It will be normal level but if you are seriously into these things and want to edit videos and photos more smoothly then go for 50k-60k range laptops.

So far so good.

Let’s move on to next thing.

#3. Hell lot of storage for TV series and movies

When I was in college, I was the one who used to give latest movies and TV series to my friends.

Cool... Isn’t it? 😉

But I was always on low storage.I had a total storage of only 250 GB.

The problem I faced made me realized that there should be at least 500GB-1TB of storage on an engineer’s laptop.

So keeping that experience in mind I have chosen laptop with at least 500GB-1TB storage so that you don’t face the problem I faced.

#4. At least i3 or i5 processor

The Intel processors like Intel Pentium dual-core, Intel Celeron, and Intel atom are now part of laptops that have basic specifications and kind of basic learner’s laptop , which we find in laptops under 20000.

But boy here we need some heavy work to do and we need a laptop which can perform your work on tips.

Thanks to Intel.They have come up with great series of processors like i3, i5, and i7.

Now, it will be great to have i3 processor if your budget is around 30k and i5 if your budget is between 35k-40k.i7 is a processor of laptop around 50k.

So I will be adding laptops with at least an i3 and i5 process so that our laptop has the processing power to handle 2 GB graphic properties and process the data on 4 GB RAM and let’s not frustrate you by lagging during your work.

#5.The budget

After spending so much on engineering, In India, Our parents are going to buy us a laptop that fits in their budget.

No problem at all.

I have limited the price range to 30k-40k.This is where Indian budget for laptop lie around.

Also if you are planning for more budget then I will soon write posts on laptop under 40000 and 50000 soon.Have a look on them.

All ok?

Ok then.Let’s move towards our list of best laptop for engineering students.

Best laptop for engineering students in India

1.HP 15-R007TX 15.6-inch Laptop

I loved this laptop.

Because It’s an HP laptop with Nvidia graphic card.

HP is Nokia of laptops. #TipToplaptopIndia

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The Ruff and Tuff hardware that suits the expectations of an Indian engineering student.

And when this brand comes with A Nvidia graphic card, you can bet your money on it for sure.

Talking About the specifications, To look after the processing, It comes with Intel i5 1.7 GHz processor (turbo boost 2.7 GHz) with 3 MB Cache,4 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphic card.

Now talking about the graphic card, NVIDIA GeForce 820M will be “enough” to run engineering software like CAD.

I know what you are thinking about now.


Well, I would say you can play some classical games at good resolution.

And as far as new games like GTA 5 and Call of duty: Modern warfare concerned, you can run these games but these games may lag sometimes.

Here is what it will look like -

BUT if you extent RAM to 8 GB from 4GB, you will get cutting butter with knife smoothness for sure.

If you don’t need a graphic card in your laptop and you are not much into gaming things, HP 15-AY503Tu can be a good choice for you.

This laptop is up for every regular work and your practices with engineering software.Extent RAM to 8 GB and it will be a decent laptop for an engineering student.

2.ASUS X541UV-XO029D 15.6-inch Laptop

ASUS has come out as a decent brand in laptops.

They have got great laptops under 30k as well.

Now, talking about this laptop, it has got a bucket full of specifications.

2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6198DU processor,4GB DDR3 RAM,1TB of storage and Nvidia GeForce 920MX 2GB Graphic card.

With these specifications, you don’t even need to think twice about it.

Let me touch some points on the capability of Nvidia GeForce 920MX 2GB Graphic card.

You might have played games with normal settings but this graphic card is going to give you the experience of HD level of gaming.

High definition adds feeling to games.

It lags a little bit in some very heavy games when you play them at high resolutions and by little I mean VERY little.

But it will not bother you much.I recommend you to upgrade to 8 GB RAM for smooth gaming experience.

Check gaming performance here –

It’s very useful laptop for civil and mechanical engineering students because of the suitable specifications for CAD software.

It has got one Type-C USB port for faster data transmission.

This laptop is best laptop for mechanical and civil engineering students.

If this laptop fits into your budget, go for it.there is no reason for which you do not buy it.

3. Lenovo G50 80L0006HIN 15.6-inch Laptop

Before talking about this laptop, I want to make a thing clear to you.

If you want your laptop price to be under 30k and you are like “I will be neither playing high-quality games nor using any heavy software.” , then it’s worth reading about this laptop.

Because AMD Radeon R5 is not best in the category for gaming and graphic stuff.

This laptop is kind of like for watching movies and stuff and doing light weight tasks.

It stands in this list because of the price.You can buy this laptop around or under 30k.It’s worth buying if available around the price range of 30k-32k.

Now talking about the specifications, this laptop has got 1.9GHz Intel core i3 4030U processor which is a great processor in this price range.

Plus you have got 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage as well.

This laptop can a good choice for electronics and computer engineering students looking for a laptop under 30k because they don’t have heavy software to run like mechanical and civil engineers.

If I some up about this laptop in one line, it will be -

It’s average in graphic and best in budget laptop for engineers.

Important Note

Why there are only three laptops in my list of best laptop for engineering students?

You will find lots of lots of laptops out there when you search for laptops on the internet.

I found all of them too.

I went through all of them, made categories, filtered for best results, removed similar laptops with high cost, read reviews, lots of other things and then I found these three laptops.

I never feel like listing as many products as possible to make my posts long.

I just add what I feel like we need.

There is no point in adding laptops with low specifications here and then taking you to the best laptops.

These laptops are a churn of all those laptops.


Like always, I don’t have a conclusion.

I have put the Best laptops for engineering students in India in front of you and now the choice is yours.

All the three laptops are the best in the category.

And if you are still little confused and don’t know which one to buy, go for ASUS X541UV-XO029D.

Also, ASUS A555LF-XX150T is worth giving a shot if it’s available in price range of around 32k.

That’s it from my side for best laptops for engineering students.

I will be adding more laptops in this list if there is any new goldfish in the pond.

Till then share us and make us reach to one who needs us and let me know what your views are on this post, any laptop that you think can be added to this list.We will talk about all this in comments below.

Have a great day 🙂


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