[In 2 minutes] Fix err_internet_disconnected on chrome

It’s really frustrating when the internet stops working for no reason.

We are like “Oh no not again” and it becomes a problem soon when it doesn’t resolve easily.

So here I am writing an in-depth guide on “ how to fix err_internet_disconnected” that not only consist of basic things to do when you face this error but also have the solutions that you can use when this problem is not resolving easily.

Now, this guide is going to have 8 parts where I will briefly tell you what you can do to get rid of this error, From basic steps to final steps.

Wherever your problem get’s resolved, stop there and if does not, keep moving to next part.

Ok, let’s resolve this issue.

1.Check Internet Connection Properly

Now, I know you will be like “come on…My internet connection is ok” but believe me or not sometimes the problem is on the hardware part and we keep checking it on software part as we assume it because we face problems on software part mostly.

Image courtesy - support.zen.co.uk

So in this part, all you have to do is check your cable connections with a calm mind.

Make sure cables are connected properly and in right slots.

If you have a broadband connection via landline cable, check your landline cable and also connect this cable on landline once to check if it is working properly.

If there is any problem on this level, fix it, if not then move to next part.

2. Reboot Your Router, Modem And Your Device

Fix err_internet_disconnected on chrome

We all know that most of the times when we face this kind of problems our favorite solution is to reboot our devices.

Now, it looks like a magical thing and we are doing it since ages but like everything, there is science behind it also.

Here is what nutelecom.net has to say about it -

Electronics are not built to constantly be running at all times, and power cycling (a fancy way of saying unplugging the power cord) helps with most issues.

Like other electronics, one of the biggest reasons you may benefit from rebooting your modem is because when you leave your modem on for too long, it will tend to stop performing at its best after a while.

Rebooting your modem can fix Internet connection problems, improve slow moving connections and resolve wireless issues, which also affect your Digital TV service that is being transmitted over an internet connection. By unplugging the power cord from the back of the modem you are giving it the breather it needs.

Another reason is that when your modem is on all day, every day, it is slowly desynchronizing from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This desynchronization causes the packets you are sending and receiving to become corrupt, requiring them to be resend, and thus, lowering your speed.


You can read the full article here if you want to know more about it.

So this is clear, rebooting your devices actually helps.

Now, what you need to do is turn off the router , modem ( In case you have it separately from the router) & your device on which you are using the internet and keep it turned off for 1 minute.

Now restart these devices and check if the internet working or not.

If it’s working, then ok, if it’s not, then move on to next part.

3.Check The Internet On The Other Devices

err_internet_disconnected on chrome

The first reaction we all do when err_internet_disconnected on chrome appears and the internet is not working, is we call our ISP and tell them YOUR internet is not working but we need to check this part first.

What happen sometimes is that the same internet that is not working on our device, we find that working on the other devices.

Check this thing and if it is so, click on “Windows Network Diagnostics”.


Let see if windows can diagnose problem its own level.

If it shows any problem, act accordingly if it fails to find the problem, move on to next part.

4. Clear Browser Cookies And Caches

Fix err_internet_disconnected cookies

This thing worked for me most of the times.

And let me tell you the process behind it.

To fasten the process of chrome browser, they save the data of every page that you visit in form of cookies and cache.

Later when you access that page, they use the same data to quickly load the page.

But sometimes this thing does not work as it is supposed to.

So to give the browser fresh memory for the pages we are visiting, let’s clear all the cookies and cache data.

How to do this?

Read it from Google itself here -


5.Check LAN Settings

LAN err_internet_disconnected

Now when you have checked all three parts and there is no problem at there, it’s time to check if your LAN settings are ok or not.

To check LAN settings, search for “Internet options” in windows search box and click on Internet options from menu.

Then, on connections tab click on LAN settings.

fix err internet disconnected

Now uncheck everything that is marked check there like ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ and ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN'.Just uncheck everything and press ok.

LAN- err_internet_disconnected

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the internet here and check if the internet is working or not.

If not, move on to next part.

6. Flush DNS And Reset IP/TCP

DNS Fix err_internet_disconnected on chrome

The error can be a DNS error.

So to fix this we will run some commands on the command prompt.

Pro Tip

So open command prompt and run these two commands to Flush the DNS-

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

Also, we need to reset IP/TCP also to make sure nothing left remained.

To do so, Run these two commands in command prompt-

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

Restart your PC to let changes take place and check if the problem is resolved.

If not, move on to next part.

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7.Try Disabling Firewall

Firewall err_internet_disconnected

The firewall was made to protect PC from malware and insecure things but sometimes Firewall blocks things that it should not block.

Sometimes Firewall finds your connection insecure and blocks your connection from connecting to the internet.

So Disable your Firewall and check if the internet is working.

Here is WikiHow link on “How to disable Firewall”.

If the problem still persists, move on to next part.

8.Remove Useless WLAN Profiles

Every time when you connect to a wireless local area network, the WLAN profile of that network saves on your device.

This creates lots of WLAN useless profiles which later confuse your device when you try connecting to your active current WLAN profile.

So what we are going to do is, we will delete all useless profiles and keep only active current WLAN profile.

To do this, Open the command prompt and type this “netsh WLAN show profiles” command without quotes.

Command-  fix err internet disconnected in chrome

This will show all the saved profiles on your PC.

Now type “netsh wlan delete profile name=profile name” without quotes where replace the profile name with the name of the profile that you want to remove.

resolve err_internet_disconnected

Remove all useless profile and keep the one that you are using currently.

Give your PC a reboot and connect again with the currently active profile.

So these were the solution to Fix err_internet_disconnected on chrome.These 8 methods most of the times resolve your issue.

If the problem still persists, Now call your ISP i.e internet service provider and they will assist you with it.

Tell us how you liked this post and how this post helped you in solving the problem, in the comment section below.

We will be writing on more chrome errors soon and will try our best to keep your laptop tiptop. 😉

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